Kung Fu Birmingham - Birmingham Location

Kung Fu Birmingham - Birmingham Location

At the genesis of the Wing Chun system, Yim Wing Chun trained in a hundred-year-old barn. As it evolved, Wing Chun has been taught in parks, rooftops, restaurant storage rooms, basements and back alleys. I guess that makes our current daytime training space feel rather authentic. Our space is not fancy. We don't have floor-to-ceiling mirrors or cool Kung Fu illustrations on the walls. But we have a safe and comfortable training space, and that's all we need.

See immediately below for location basics, then keep reading for more detailed directions and landmarks.

Steel Strength Training
516 32nd Street South, Birmingham, AL 35233

Wing Chun daytime classes are held at Steel Strength Training which is just a few blocks from the Highland Golf Course and close to UAB and Downtown Birmingham. The gym is on the far left (next to 5th Alley South) of a building shared with Meeting Street Graphics.

Kung Fu Birmingham Location

If you're coming in from I-65 or Red Mountain Expressway, exit onto University Blvd and head east past St. Vincent's Hospital. At the intersection with 32nd Street South, University Blvd turns into Clairmont Avenue. Turn left at this intersection. The biggest landmark is the BBVA Compass Campus, which also happens to be the historical site of the first Alabama vs Auburn football game.

As you approach the intersection of 32nd Street and 6th Avenue South, your next major landmark is a massive, three-story burned-out haunted house. Swallow your fear of ghosts and head straight for it; our gym is in the white single-story building right beside it. There is plenty of street parking and a small parking lot between the haunted house and the gym.

Scary Haunted House -- Awesome Kung Fu

Steel Strength Training is in the same building with Meeting Street Graphics. Look for inset double glass doors on the side of the building nearest the haunted house. See below for photos of the building and door.

Kung Fu Birmingham Building and Entrance

Hope you can join us for classes soon! If you get lost or have trouble finding the location, call or text me at (205) 305-1425.